Year 6 SATS dates and preparation tips

Year 6 children have been working hard preparing for SATS

Year 6 children have been working hard preparing for SATS

We’d like to keep you informed of the Year 6 SATS preparation and a few tips leading up to SATS week.

The weeks prior to SATS will be spent preparing the children for the required tests. Mrs Butterworth, Mrs Sabir and Mrs Croft will all be supporting the children by teaching to smaller groups in both Maths and English. This will allow us to focus on all individuals and offer any additional support they may require on the run up to SATS week.


Tips for preparing your child
• Ensure children complete all homework/ test papers on the date they are required to, and offer your help if needed.

• Listen to your children read every evening, and question them on their understanding of the text.

• Test your children on their spellings (these are now an important part of the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test) and times tables, which are equally as important.

• Ensure children go to bed at a reasonable time (this may seem a strange request but tiredness really affects some children’s learning and we want them to have the best chance of achieving their full potential).

• Keep time spent on electrical devices: play stations, T.Vs etc. to a minimum.

• Chat to your children about how they have got on at the end of the day. Encourage them not to worry and to try and enjoy the week. (There will be lots of treats involved!)

During SATS week to provide the children with a good start to the day and as a special treat, we are putting on a free of charge breakfast club. This will be available every morning at 8.00am, and we look forward to seeing all the children there as this is an ideal way to eat, chat and relax before each paper is completed.

Read the full letter sent to parents – click here.

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