Author Visit – Teresa Heapy

To launch our very special book week, on Monday 17th February we had a wonderful day with Teresa Heapy. We were already familiar with some of Teresa’s books so we were very excited to meet her! We met in the hall for a whole school assembly where we heard Teresa read her book ‘Very Little Red Riding Hood’. We loved it! We then had the opportunity to ask her some questions. The children asked amazing questions such as ‘Who inspired you to write?’ (Her Dad) and ‘Which was your favourite book to write?’  (Very little Red Riding Hood). We also learned that she writes, edits and rewrites most books around 40 times before they get published – it was fascinating!

We then each took turns to enjoy a special workshop where we learned more about the journey an author goes on whilst writing their books. We even got to design our own ‘Very Little’ characters. Some of us have already been inspired to write our own stories.

Thank you Teresa Heapy – it was a real pleasure to meet and get to know you. Thank you also to all those parents who have supported our fundraising events helping us to enable this special event to take place.


Y1 and Y2 Workshop:

Y3 and Y4 Workshop:

Y5 and 6 Workshop:


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