Bells Farm receive e-Safety award

Children continue to work together with staff and parents to achieve this award

Children continue to work together with staff and parents to achieve this award

We’re delighted to announce that Bells Farm has officially been accredited as an e-Safe school for its outstanding work during e-Safety lessons and work around the school.

Today, the assessor met school staff, parents and carers, governors and pupils and were pleased to find that the school provides a high level of protection for users of the new technologies.

The accreditation is widely respected and only two other primary schools in Birmingham have received this award.

Mrs Butterworth said: “This is such a tremendous example of the whole school community working together. Today we have shown that we have a robust e-Safety curriculum and high standards of practice throughout school. The children have demonstrated great knowledge and understanding of the importance of staying safe in the digital world, and that is a credit to them, the school staff and you, their parents and carers. I am so proud of everything that has been achieved in gaining this award, and rest assured, the work goes on to sustain our high standards. Congratulations everyone, and a big thank you to Mr Baddhan for driving this important work forward on a daily basis!”

Mr Baddhan, e-Safety Co-ordinator said; “It’s been a team effort from the children to staff, governors to parents and carers; we’re all working together to ensure that we empower our children with the best e-Safety education at Bells Farm, and only by working together can this be possible. Personally, I feel overwhelmed for our school to be picking up this fantastic award; it’s rewarding for everyone who has contributed to it. Thank you for your wonderful support.”

Mrs Hughes, Chair of Governors was also delighted with the award adding: “As safeguarding governor I have been very privileged to work with Mr Baddhan, the children and staff and in particular, the Digital Council in their progress towards the e-Safety award. It is really exciting to know that we are one of only three schools in Birmingham, who have achieved this and in doing so, are ensuring that all the pupils stay safe online.I look forwards to e-Safety week next week to celebrate the success with everyone.”

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