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Our live feed has now ended.

Did you know? We are able to live stream by using a Webcam connected by a USB cable to the laptop. The laptop then encodes the video feed into a format suitable for use on a streaming provider.  The live video is continually uploaded onto the streaming provider via the internet. Your digital device then downloads the video stream and decodes it for viewing.

News Timeline

29.9.23 The children were told in assembly this morning that on Tuesday, 10 eggs are being delivered in an incubator! We will then spend the next ten days watching them hatch and grow. We will be able to transfer them to a brooding box and have them visit classrooms.

3.10.23 : The eggs have arrived and are in their lovely incubator!. 

5.10.23: Two chicks have now hatched! See more here: Our First Chicks! – Bells Farm Primary School 

Watch the magical moment at 1am! Our first chick is hatched.


Watch our 3rd chick hatch below


5.10.23 – At 8pm our 4th chick has hatched! 



Re-Play 5.10.23


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