Full School Re-opening on 8th March

See an update from Mrs Butterworth below.

I am so pleased that we are able to re-open to all children from 8th March, and all of the staff are looking forward to seeing the children in person again! Teaching remotely just isn’t the same, but I am so glad we have had the opportunity to see and hear the children this time around. Well done to all of you for continuing to persevere with the challenge of home learning. We know it hasn’t been easy for either you or the children, but it has been so important that they keep up with the curriculum as much as it is possible to do with the current challenges. So thank you for all you have done.

Whilst there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel, we really do appreciate that we are not there yet. Therefore, it is still vitally important to share with you the measures that we will continue to keep in place until it is safe to start easing restrictions. So I am sending out the updated re-opening handbook on Monday. This may look like a long read, but it is so important that you read through again, just to make sure you are aware of what we are doing to minimise risk for the whole school community, as well as being clear about our expectations.

The headlines which you will need to be aware of for that first day are:

• Please make sure children come back with their ziplock bag and workbooks, and any whiteboard or laptop borrowed from school. Please make sure these are in a plastic bag which you don’t need returning to make sure the staff don’t have to handle lots of pieces of equipment.

• Full school uniform should be worn, plus PE kits should be brought into school.

• Please remember, no jewellery (other than stud earrings) or nail varnish – we want to make sure we get back into school routines and expectations as soon as we can after such a long time away.

• Make sure the children have warm additional layers and a warm coat as we still have to keep windows and doors open, and the weather is ever changing!

• Schoolbags, lunch boxes and water bottles should be the only other additional items brought in.

• The procedures for dropping off and collecting children remain exactly the same as the autumn term: please ensure you use the correct entrance for your children.

•Please make sure the children are on time so that they can start the day fresh and ready to re-connect with their teachers and classmates.

Live lessons next week
These will run at the same time each day apart from Friday, when there will be no live lessons due to staff training and preparation for reopening. There will still be a full timetable of lessons and activities for the children to access as normal on this day.

Plans from 8th March until the end of the term
As you will have probably heard so much talk in the press about children falling behind and needing to catch up, I’m sure you will agree it has been quite depressing and negative. Well, I can tell you that the staff are all feeling very optimistic and have spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks planning for the return. I think the first message is – just breathe! We will give the children time and space to re-connect with each other and us, and their mental health and well-being is our top priority. We want them to get back into school routines and know that it will be easier for some more than others. This is about building up their resilience again, and getting back to some sense of normality. We are here to support them as individuals and help them get back into the swing of school. So those first few days will be about settling back in and finding practical ways to do this. Of course we have planned for ways to revise what they have learnt already both at home and school, and will work closely with all children to identify next steps. But the most important thing is to see them back through the gates and help them adjust back to school life.

So good things are planned – we have an exciting whole school English project for the remainder of the term, which will provide lots of opportunities across the curriculum, and most importantly, the chance to talk, discuss feelings and issues. We will be catching up and revising our maths units and really working on those basic skills. Classes will be covering topics in other subjects as they usually would so that we keep to our usual broad and balanced curriculum. So let’s keep positive and please tell your children how excited we all are that they are coming back into school!

So until I can see all of you again, keep your spirits up as much as you can, stay safe and have a good weekend.

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