Letter – Additional school action regarding coronavirus

Mrs Butterworth has issued this latest update regarding further action Bells Farm are undertaking regarding the coronavirus.

As announced by the Prime Minister last week, there will NOT be a blanket of school closures at the moment. However, some very clear advice has been issued: if your child has a prolonged cough and/or a high temperature, they are to stay at home for SEVEN DAYS.

At Bells Farm, we will keep you updated with any new national developments as they relate to schools and also the measures which are being taken in our school to reduce risk. We are currently working through a staged and sensible risk assessment process. The following measures are in place or will be implemented from Monday 16th March 2020:

► Children have been shown how to wash their hands properly with soap and water and are monitored in doing this at key points such as meal and snack times and after using the toilet.
► Additionally, the teachers and lunch time staff administer hand sanitiser, which is kept in classrooms and used as needed.
► Teachers will continue to educate the children on best hygiene practice, using child friendly resources.
► Additional cleaning will be carried out daily on key touch points – all areas of the school continue to be cleaned on a daily basis.
► Visitors will be asked to use hand sanitiser as they enter and exit the building.

Delay measures
► Staff have been issued with the same advice regarding high temperature and/or prolonged cough. Therefore we expect some staff absence which we have got good capacity to cover internally at present.
► Children who show symptoms whilst in school will be sent home and expected to remain at home for seven days as per the advice above. If we are concerned about temperature, we will take this in school as we would under normal circumstances. Our thermometers are ear devices with a disposable plastic cap, and therefore completely safe and hygienic to use.
► All school events involving families will be cancelled this side of the Easter holiday. Unfortunately, this will include upcoming assemblies and workshops and the school disco. Class assemblies will continue but we are avoiding situations where the whole school comes together, and reducing the number of adults coming into school.

What should you do?
► Please update the office (or use the School Gateway app) immediately with any change in phone numbers of contacts on our records. We request that you keep your phones on and close by at all times. We appreciate that this can be difficult in the workplace but hopefully employers be understanding at this unusual time. We will always work through your contacts if we receive no response, so please ensure all contacts are aware of this and are contactable as well.
► If you leave a message on the answerphone about your child’s absence, please indicate fully the reason for their absence so that we can advise further about return to school.
► Please continue to reassure your children whilst ensuring that they take sensible measures: washing their hands fully and frequently, and catching, binning and killing germs as they sneeze or cough, with tissues, followed by hand washing.

We will continue to be on the doors in the morning should you have any further questions. Thank you in anticipation of your understanding that these measures are for the benefit and safety of all children, and for the staff who teach and care for them throughout the day.

Yours faithfully,

Barbara Butterworth

Read the full letter – click here.

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