Live Lessons – Frequently Asked Questions

Our live lessons using Microsoft Teams have been very popular for children. It has been so good to see so many of the children engaging and it is really vital that this continues every day. If you experience any issues getting onto Teams, please see if your question can be answered using our FAQ below.

What does my child need to access live lessons?

Your child will need a Microsoft account to access Microsoft Teams for live lessons. All your child has to do is log into their school Microsoft account where they’ll have access to Microsoft Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so much more. From this home base, students can open Office apps in their web browser. Microsoft Teams can be accessed online or downloaded to a home or mobile device.

What are the best devices for my child to use with Microsoft Teams?

As long as devices are connected to your home internet, Microsoft Teams will work on your home computer, laptops, tablets and even your child’s mobile phone. We always recommend you download the Microsoft Teams app on laptop, mobile or any device to ensure the full features are available including chat and full class views (large gallery).

How do I join a live lesson?

Login into Microsoft Teams, then click on the calendar tab. Then click “Join” ahead of the lesson start time.

How do I request for my child’s password to be reset?

You can do this yourself by clicking on “Can’t access your account” option (see below) or email Mr Baddhan on

How does my child join a team? How do they know if they’re part of their class’ team?

To explore Teams and see the class teams they’re in, your child can sign in to their school Microsoft Teams account and view which groups they are part of. They will automatically be assigned to their class group and may also be added to smaller teaching groups.

How is my child’s communication and activity monitored in Teams?

Since Teams for Education is designed to serve as a digital classroom hub, it features many ways to support teachers in classroom management. Teachers can mute students who may add distracting or inappropriate messages to group discussions, and they can delete those unproductive messages entirely.

Is chat disabled for children outside of live lesson times?

Yes children are not able to chat to anyone outside of lesson times. However chat is enabled during lesson times, which is fully monitored by the class teacher and teaching assistant.

How do I send in homework?

Email the class teacher using their email address:

Why can’t my child chat in a live lesson?

Most likely because they are not using the app. Please download the Microsoft Teams app for the full features and then ask your child to login to the live lesson using the app. If they are already using the app, then please ensure it’s the most up to date version of the Teams app.

When I try to log in to Teams it is trying to send a code to my child’s email, we don’t have access to that email so cannot receive the code to login, what should I do?

This is because when logging into Teams, the email address entered is incorrect, please check the full email address against the one we have provided to you., this is the format

Does my child have access to email?

No, all children’s accounts have been disabled in line with the DFE guidance.

Can my child access other Microsoft apps?

Yes, all children can access Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other apps too – all free of charge!

Can I download the latest desktop versions of the Microsoft apps on my laptop / computer?

Yes, as part of our school’s Microsoft agreement, parents are able to download the latest version of Microsoft Office on to their laptop, computer. tablet or any device. Download and sign in with your child’s account for full access.

To download Office to your device, go to your child’s Microsoft account, click on the Settings Cog (top right) > View All Settings > Apps & Devices – see below screenshot.

What if I still need help with live lessons?

There are many ways you can get in touch with us – for all technical enquiries, please email Mr Baddhan on

Teacher Direct Emails
Contact your child’s class teacher and send homework

Homework related questions to Miss Williams

For passwords / online help / loaned laptops

For keyworker parents

For general enquiries

School Gateway app
Message us directly using the School Gateway app.

Telephone Queries
Our phones are not in normal operation currently. Please email us instead

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