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Hello, I’m Mr Gill – Bells Farm’s PE and music teacher. If you want to email me directly, please send an email to

Mr Gill’s PE Challenge 2nd Attempt 14/5/2020

My second attempt at the PE Challenge, watch the video to see if I have improved my record – more to follow. Also you can see Frankie and Harry complete their attempts whilst in school.

Mr Gill’s press up challenge

Frankie & Harry taking part in the challenge

Frankie & Harry sit-up challenge

Lexi & her family take part in the PE challenge

Amaya completes PE challenge

Amaya’s completed all 6 PE Challenges. Looks like I’m beaten again. I will be striving to improve my scores and you can see how I got on in the next video – another chance to watch me suffer. It’s not too late to have a go and let me have you results, just send them to me on the email.

Beat Mr Gill’s PE Challenge update – 06/5/2020

Pippa and Leah have beaten my current record, they have completed all 6 PE Challenges. Watch the video of their star jumps. Well done to everyone who has taken part so far. It’s my turn to try and beat some of your records.

Beat Mr Gill’s PE Challenge update – 05/5/2020

Please see my updated results. If you still wish to take part, send me your results when you have completed them. You don’t need to use the table, just a simple email with the results will be fine. Keep an eye on my webpage for updates and further challenges next week. See the videos for my attempts and some guidance as to how the exercises should be done. Email your results to

Good luck and let me know how you got on.

Beat Mr Gill’s PE Challenge update – 01/5/2020

Beat Mr Gill’s PE Challenge update – 29/4/2020

The results of the challenges are starting to come in. Joey and Charlie have beaten me on some of the challenges and their dad has beaten me spectacularly on all of them. When we return to school I will feed back the results to see how you’ve done. If you complete the 6 challenges and send them to me you will receive a Sport Partnership pin badge.

Look out for my next PE Challenge video, and let me know how your getting on with the 6 challenges.

Take care.

Mr Gill

Paige in Year 3 taking part in some home exercise

Beat Mr Gill’s PE Challenge – 23/04/2020

3 challenges completed so far

23 press ups in 30seconds and sit ups in 30 seconds

13 sit ups in 30 seconds

31 star jumps in 30 seconds

Watch the videos and see Mr Gill complete the challenges. Let me know how you got on by sending your results to

You don’t have to print out the sheet, just let us know your score for each of the challenges as you complete them. If Parents and Carers want have a go send in their results too.

Good luck!

Mr Gill

Eastenders theme tune – video 2 – 23/04/2020

Here’s the second and final section of the Eastenders theme tune. Email me or leave a comment to let me know you’re having a go. It’ll be great to hear from you.

Mr Gill

PE Challenge 22/04/2020

I am posting some videos for you to watch. They will set out some challenges for you to have a go of. Please don’t try to do everything at once – these videos are mainly for fun and a way for you to let us know what you’ve been doing. If you want to tell us how you’ve been getting on with the challenges in the video, or simply want to share with us any other activities you’ve been doing, feel free. If you’ve been trying out the activities from the Joe Wicks workout, BBC Supermovers, Cosmic Kids and the PE Hub (links in the Home Learning page on the school website), you could let us know how that’s been going. You can keep in touch by leaving a comment or to me directly through

I will try to make sure I reply directly or answer questions in future videos.

Everything in the video is simply for fun, you can watch and send a comment, have a go at the activities and let us know how you are getting on, or tell us about any other activities you’ve tried during lockdown. Activity sheet is attached with activities listed, you can record your score using the sheet or if you want save printer ink just write out your own.

PE Challenge Tracker – Download here

Sorry first video is a bit long, future videos will be shorter I promise.

Take care and look forward to hearing from you.

Mr Gill

Guitar Learning 22/04/2020

Please have a look at the 1st video I have done for you to try. The videos are a way of us hopefully communicating how we are getting on with the lessons. However, I am keen to stress that this is mainly for fun and a way of you telling us how you are doing generally. It would be great to hear from you using the email address above or the comments section and I will reply either through the blog comment section or in the next video.

I have included the notes sheet to help with the video and I would imagine your guitars may well be out of tune. Therefore, I am doing a separate video just for guitar tuning. There are several guitar tuners on free apps – I would recommend “Guitar Tuna” it’s quite easy to use.

Look forward to hearing from you, take care.

Learning to play ‘Eastenders’ theme tune on a guitar

Eastenders – Guitar Notes

Tuning your guitar

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