Residential Day 3

All our Year 6 are extremely tired today! They packed their belongings and had another big breakfast before setting off to their final activity.

Group one did raft building. Very wet for the last morning! 

Group two did the high trek course. So many of them were scared to start with but had a good go anyway! We were so proud of them. Evelyne won the token for being brave and completing the course!

Group three had fun on the inflatables.

They have all had such a wonderful time and we have been so proud of everyone of them. Every single child has pushed themselves and achieved more than they thought they could. They have been impeccably behaved, even commenting for themselves that they are the most well behaved school here! We have had compliments from staff on their behaviour and manners. The children were so grateful that Kinda did a little speech to thank the teachers and we had a lovely round of applause.

We are having an awards ceremony shortly then visiting the shop. I will add the final lot of photos to the Y6 blog later on today. 


  1. Anonymous 10 July, 2024, 14:16

    Thankyou so much for giving year 6 such a wonderful experience, I’m just waiting for krista to get home to tell me all about it!
    Love Alice

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