Stars of the Week – Friday 18th June 2021

We had a wonderful star assembly where we found out about the amazing things these children have been achieving in class. It was so pleasing to hear how much they are all using our school behaviours for learning and how they are helping them to improve in lessons. 

Well done to all these children:

Reception Swans:       Autumn and Lukas 

Y1 Puffins:                   Edey and Kayden 

Y2 Toucans:                Aizah and Elias 

Y3 Bluebirds:              Andrew and Alexi-Blue 

Y4 Robins:                  Jacob, Kenzie, Jessica 

Y5 Kestrels:                Dayne and Kerris 

Y6 Eagles:                  Yusif and Vicky 



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