Advice about Live Streaming

As the increase in the number of young people taking part in online challenges and crazes continues, here is some guidance for parents / carers to be aware of.

Thinkuknow website says the clue is in the name – live streaming is live, which means there is no opportunity to edit or think critically about the content before it’s posted online. Anyone with a camera and access to the internet can create and share a live video. This means that it’s possible to see things that could shock or upset you – even if you didn’t intially set out to watch that type of video.

Remember, it’s easy for people to fake it on live streams. Don’t assume that video content is genuine just because it’s on a live stream.

Things to think about
► Consider what you would feel comfortable with people seeing

► If you choose to live stream, think about who will be watching your videos. Check your privacy settings, make sure that only your real friends can watch your videos. Think about turning off your location settings so people you don’t know can’t track where you are.

► It can be tempting to live stream events you see when out and about. This can include other people. Think about if you were them. Would you like to be recorded without your knowledge?

► Some people use live streaming to record crimes and behaviour that could be harmful to another person. If you see a live video that upsets you or makes you feel uncomfortable, take steps to look after yourself and others. Stop watching and tell an adult you trust who can support you to report the video.

►Some people online use live streaming to encourage young people to act sexy, film something in the nude and generally do things that they don’t want to do.

Report It!
► Unfortunately it is not uncommon for young people to be tricked or pressured into doing something whilst live streaming. No matter what you might have shared online, you are not to blame. Tell a trusted adult or a staff member.

► Report it to Childline on 0800 1111 or CEOP – the online police.

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