Final Activities of the Day

Everyone was super excited for their final activities of the day!

Group one did the high rope trek… BLINDFOLDED! They warmed up by doing it first then some of them tried it blindfolded. They were incredible! Rawan and Max won a coin for trying with the blindfold when they were really apprehensive. They were amazing!

Group two did the high ropes and the leap of faith. They were so brave. Many of them started with I can’t and finished by jumping off. We were very impressed and proud of them. Krista won the coin for having a really good try at the pole – despite saying she wasn’t going to do it. Amazing attitude Krista!

Group three did some team games on the low ropes. Unfortunately, they fell off so many times they had a forfeit soaking! Dora won the coin for being an excellent communicator and a real team player.

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