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Pokemon Go is massively popular amongst children

Pokemon Go is massively popular amongst children

As the Summer holidays fast approach, we wanted to inform you of a potentially unsafe game. Pokemon Go launched in the UK last week and looks set to be a summer craze amongst many children and adults

At Bells Farm, we always try to keep our parents updated on possible risks associated with new websites and apps.

It’s one of the first popular games to use “augmented reality” – a kind of cross between real life and an online world. The game makes it look like Pokemon appear in real life places by using the GPS and camera on your phone.

At Bells Farm we wanted to make you aware of this new craze – here’s a letter sent out to parents about this app and alternative websites for children to use during the Summer holidays – click here.

Read here the NSPCC’s guide to ‘Pokemon Go: a parent’s guide’ – click here.

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