Robins go swimming!


Over the past week we have morphed from land loving Robins into water loving fish.

We have been lucky enough to have swimming lessons every afternoon all week, which will continue next week.

Every single person has made progress which makes it difficult to choose who to highlight in our blog.

However, Miss Sloman and Mrs Pullin are especially proud of Ellie, Emi, Kai. M, Jimmy, Ramla, Mackenzie, Paige, Kai. E, Bethany and Poppy. These children began the week in Level One and have already progressed to being able to swim without arm bands! Everyone is so proud of you! Well done!

Charles and Phoebe

Charles and Phoebe

In other watery news, Phoebe has dazzled us from day one as she appears to grow flippers in the water and swim like a fish! We are so excited to see how much more progress you will make.

Another excellent improved is Charles who started in Level 1 and progressed very quickly to swimming without arm bands and is now in the top group. Everyone in the group did exceptionally well today and Miss Sloman really enjoyed watching you swim through the hoops under water and diver to pick up the objects.

Watch out for our swimming blog next friday to see what certificates we achieve.