The Evil Takeaway


Our maths lesson was interrupted today by the evil villain, The Evil Takeaway!

We set up our 4 digit number, 4567 using digit cards and diennes.

Then, The Evil Takeaway barged in, masked and caped, and demanded 3874.
– 4567
– 3874

He first shouted at the units column ‘Phoebe give me 4 units!’

‘Ahh luckily I have 7 so you can have 4 and I will have 3 left over’ said Phoebe, relieved.

This left the units column with 3.

‘Give me 7 tens now!’ shouted the Evil Takeaway. ‘But I only have 6! shreiked Jimmy!
‘Well you better find me some’ shouted the Evil Takeway in a fierce voice.

Luckily, Isabel kindly gave the Jimmy 100 so that he could give the Evil Takeaway his 60.

This left the tens column with 90.

‘Give me 800 now’ demanded the Evil Takeaway.
‘I only have 500, Dylan, please help me’ pleaded Isabel.

So, Dylan gave Isabel 1000, so she now had 1500 and was able to give The Evil Takeaway his 800.

This left the hundreds column with 800.

Finally, he visited the thousands column and demanded 3000. Luckily, that is exactly what Dylan had and so the Evil Takeaway went on his way.

Can you work out how much this Evil mastermind got away with?