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Class Work Science

How do humans alter habitats?

In our science lesson today we had an excellent discussion about the ways in which humans can change habitats. We recognised that sometimes these changes are good; for example when we help built shelters for them or plant extra trees and plants. However, we also discussed how humans often have a negative impact on the […]

Class Work Maths

The Evil Takeaway

Our maths lesson was interrupted today by the evil villain, The Evil Takeaway! We set up our 4 digit number, 4567 using digit cards and diennes. Then, The Evil Takeaway barged in, masked and caped, and demanded 3874. – 4567 – 3874 He first shouted at the units column ‘Phoebe give me 4 units!’ ‘Ahh […]

News Sports

Kings Norton District Small Schools Trophy

On Monday 29th September, the Bells Farm 7 a side football team played their first league game. The game started well, however St Mary’s were on form and won 7

Class Work

God Save The Queen

During our topic lesson this afternoon we harnessed our inner patriotism and sang the English National Anthem. Before this, we worked on the I-pads to research the lyrics for the nation anthems of each of the countries in the UK. We have set ourselves the challenge to learn all of them before the end of […]

Class Work

Drama supporting our learning

As you know Year 6 have been learning all about World War 1. On Thursday we gave the children the opportunity of acting out exactly how the war started. Children were put into small groups and were all allocated a country. They had to read their lines (these were discussions between the countries’ leaders and […]

Class Work

The Railway Children

We have had an extremely busy week in Year 4 with lots of brilliant learning going on. We have been introduced to our class novel- The Railway Children- and have enjoyed reading it. This has linked with our topic work in which we have been thinking about the differences between city and country life. We […]

Class Work

It’s all going swimmingly

Year 5 have had a great first week swimming at Tiverton Pool. Everyone has come along so much in just the first week. Some are even starting to resemble fish in the water, they are getting that good. Others are able to swim a 10 meters when they couldn’t at the start of the week. […]

Art Class Work

Paintings of WW1 aeroplanes

This half term Year 6 have been researching the artist Trevor Lay. He specialises in paintings of World War I aeroplanes. The children have enjoyed learning all about the artist and producing drawings in the same style. I think you’ll agree we have some budding artists In the classroom.

Class Work Science

Watch our Fitness Videos

Today we made some fitness videos in our Science lesson! We have some very cool moves so why don’t you have a look and see if you can keep up with us? We tried to make each of our routines meet the four criteria we learnt about in last week’s lesson. They certainly made us […]

Class Work Computing

Learning algorithms

We enjoyed our second Computing lesson this week. We learnt all about algorithms – sequences of instructions. We used some cards to tell each other what to do. It was just like being a robot! We are looking forward to trying this out on the computer next week.