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Art Class Work

Name Art

In Art with Miss Bowkett we used the letters of our names to make Art work.

Art Class Work Literacy


This week in our Topic lessons we have worked very hard to draft and write a postcard from our holidays 100 years ago. We had to remember these things:

Art Class Work

All about Florence Nightingale

In our History lessons we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale. She was a very important nurse and we have learnt lots of facts about her. We have enjoyed finding out about what she did and why from looking at different sources of evidence. In our History lessons this week we did lots of […]

Art Class Work

Black History Month

We continued thinking about Black History Month today. We learned about Kente Cloth which is carefully designed with repeated patterns. It is used in traditional clothing. We realised that the colours used in Kente cloth all have their own special meanings. For example, green symbolises growth, pink symbolises gentleness and yellow symbolises life. We chose […]

Art Class Work

Learning about Paul Cezanne

Today we learnt about Paul Cezanne. He loved painting apples and other fruit. We have drawn our own pictures, copying his ‘Still life with a Basket’ ready to paint next week. We think they will be brilliant when they are finished.​

Art Class Work

Paintings of WW1 aeroplanes

This half term Year 6 have been researching the artist Trevor Lay. He specialises in paintings of World War I aeroplanes. The children have enjoyed learning all about the artist and producing drawings in the same style. I think you’ll agree we have some budding artists In the classroom.