Toucans school councillors elected

Christos and Cara

Christos and Cara are Toucans school councillors

Today we elected the school councillors for our class. We talked about what is happening in Scotland with the referendum and then went through a similar process. Those of us who wanted to be the school councillors came to the front of the class and gave a little speech about why they should be chosen. Millie said ‘I am a good listener and I always work hard’ while Osama promised to ‘Always try my best and be good at meetings’.

After the speeches we all had two votes; we chose one by and one girl. We gave the votes folded up to Miss Williams and she then (with the help of Salma!) gave them out to each potential school councillor. When we had finished we found that we had two very popular new school councillors: Christos and Cara. We were very pleased for them but also congratulated Osama, Daisy and Shayla for being good sports. We know Christos and Cara will do a fabulous job for us! Well done.

Christos and Cara are Toucans school councillors