Bells Farm Money Week


Welcome to the Bells Farm money week. This week, in maths (and across some other subjects too) the children will be learning lots about money. They are going to be busy, planning, making, budgeting and applying their skills to a project – with money as a central idea. Keep your eyes open for more information on the website and the class blogs, to see what is going on!

We thought you might also like to get in on the act too, so we have put together a family quiz with the same theme.
Lots of questions which you and your child can answer, either through remembering old nursery rhymes, using the internet or even just looking inside your wallet or purse! Have a go at the quiz together, and just let us have it back by the end of the school day on Thursday, so we can check the answers and announce the winner! A copy will be sent out to all families, but in case you misplace it – we have put one here on the website.

Have fun finding out and filling in all the answers together.

Click here to download and print the family quiz.

Mrs Butterworth started Money Week with an assembly – click here to read.

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