Update: Bubble Closure: Year 2

Year 2 Toucans class bubble closure until further notice.

Unfortunately the Year 2 member of staff has had another unreadable test result and is taking another test today.

We have contacted both the Department for Education and the NHS who have both told us that the class should not come to school until we have a definite result as the staff member is displaying symptoms.

We expect to have this result on Tuesday. If it is negative, children can return to school on Wednesday. If it is positive, they will have to remain at home for the rest of the week. This is very frustrating for all of us but we have to follow the government and NHS guidance. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Children should now use the resources on the Year 2 Home Learning section of the website here https://home.bellsfarm.org/

Update 17/11/20
Unfortunately our year 2 member of staff has still not received her test results. She remains unwell and all we can do is wait for confirmation either way. Therefore the class bubble will remain closed tomorrow (Wednesday 18th November).

The home learning timetable is now on the school website for tomorrow and can be accessed here: https://home.bellsfarm.org/year-2/bubble-closure/

If you wish to contact Mrs Parry or Miss Williams for further guidance please do so using year2@bellsfrm.bham.sch.uk

We will update you further tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Update 18/11/20
Unfortunately our Year 2 member of staff has had another unreadable test result. We have taken advice from NHS whose position remains the same: as it is likely that the member of staff has the virus as she is displaying all of the symptoms, the class will need to isolate for the remainder of the week. We will be open again to Year 2 on Monday, and look forward to welcoming them back. Thank you for your patience at this extremely frustrating time for everyone.

Letter sent to parents on 18th November 2020

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