Scam Email Alert for Parents

We have been alerted to a scam email being sent to parents, informing them that their class or bubble is being closed due to a coronavirus positive infection. We can confirm that there are currently no positive infections in school and that these emails are a hoax.

How can I check what a genuine email from the school looks like?
• Genuine emails or text messages from the school clearly state the sender as “Bells Farm Primary”.
• On a text message, the message will say from “BellsFarm”. (no spaces).
• The school logo will appear in the top part of the email – stating “Official Email”.

What about if I’m still unsure?
If you’re unsure about the authenticity of the email or text message, phone the school office on 0121 675 8666 to clarify further.

Any school, class or bubble closure will be notified on our usual channels.
• School Website
• Email
• Text (or message via School Gateway app)
• Twitter

A closure of any kind is informed to parents as a high priority urgent message and this information would be notified across ALL the channels mentioned above. If these channels are not reporting a closure then it will most likely be a scam or hoax email / text.

Reporting a scam email
If you have received an email or text message which you’re not quite sure about, please forward it to our designated email – we will reply to you and let you know what further actions to take.

Scams during the COVID-19 pandemic
While everyone is worried about the coronavirus, cyber criminals have seen this as an opportunity. In emails and on the phone, they may claim to have a ‘cure’ for the virus, offer financial rewards, or encourage you to donate to worthy causes. Like many scams, these criminals are preying on real-world concerns to try and trick you into interacting. They may also mimic real NHS messages.

Further details about scam emails
See this article on the government website about hoax / scam (phising) emails

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during these times.

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