Silver medals in athletics competition

Year 3 and 4 athletics team

On Tuesday 30th January we took part in the Kings Heath Sports Partnership Indoor Athletics Competition. In the morning it was time for the Year 3 and 4competition. We competed in 6 relays including hurdles and obstacles. In addition, we also took part in 6 different field events, Chest Push Javelin, High Jump, Long Jump, Speed Bounce and Triple Jump. Once all the competing teams had completed their events, it was time for the results. We are delighted to report that we finished 2nd and we were awarded Silver Medals.

Year 5 and 6 athletics team

In the afternoon it was Year 5 and 6’s turn to compete. Although Year 5 and 6 finished 1st in 3 events and 2nd in a further 2 events, over all we finished 5th. We are extremely pleased with our achievements and Mr Gill and Mrs Sabir were very impressed with our determination and effort. Mr Gill was proud of the way in which we competed, and said that he was proud of our teamwork and respect for each other’s performances.

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